Menorca airport car rental

Renting a car at Menorca airport is an excellent option if you want to have the flexibility to move your way and without depending on public transport.

The island has a public transport service but only connects its towns and the most touristy beaches, something a bit limiting if you want to get to know Menorca in a more personalized or intensive way. If you want to visit the virgin beaches or discover the most interesting areas, the best thing to do is get your own vehicle and manage yourself in your own way.

One of the most comfortable ways to rent a car is to go to the car rental offices at Menorca airport, so you will leave that area with the self-sufficiency you are looking for on this trip. You will save having to take a taxi to get to your accommodation, and having to find a rental house where you are, the airport is a safe bet in this simple. You can enjoy the autonomy of having your own vehicle from the first day and get discounts associated with the number of days you rent it.

The possibilities at Menorca airport

Within the same Menorca airport you can find several branches of the most reliable international car rental agencies such as Avis, Budget, or Hertz among others. These companies will offer you the possibility of doing all the administrative procedures without having to leave their facilities and with everything closed from the airport itself: fewer worries and more functionality on your vacation.

The offices are located in the same arrivals terminal, and the car park where the vehicles are located is just outside the terminal. You will not need to walk too far to the car you decide to rent and it will be a comfortable and simple procedure. The airport is very close to Mahón, which is the main city of Menorca. It is a small and very comfortable airport, from which you can easily leave with the car until the accommodation since the island is quite small and you will not run a great risk of getting lost. What's more, Menorca is not more than 45 kilometers from end to end, and it is easy to get around the whole area.

In low season you can go directly to the car rental offices at Menorca airport without problems, although it is possible that during the summer months it is better to book in advance. The rental car fleet falls short for the demand, remember that it is a very touristy and busy island.

The best car rental options at Menorca airport

If you want to guarantee a good price, it is recommended that you book in advance and do it online since access without anticipation could make the rent more expensive or make you fall into some fraudulent company that takes advantage and is dedicated to inflating prices. To find the best offers, the best thing to do is to start searching in from the comfort of your home and with all the time in the world. So you can compare and make a good thoughtful decision.

There are very good offers depending on the days you rent the car, but this can only be found and compared with some time. The forecast is quite important in places as tourist as the island of Menorca in all aspects. The sooner you manage to tie the trip completely, the better the desired vacations will be in relation to quality, prices and comfort. If you are looking for a good rental car option from home, just as you have looked for accommodation or flight offers, you will optimize the results.