Cheap Menorca car rental

Acquiring a rental car in Menorca is a great idea for a matter of comfort and also for the autonomy it offers but you have to keep a few things in mind to avoid paying more than you should.

Taking into account that this magnificent island is very touristy, you can find somewhat exaggerated prices, scammers, sudden increases in high season or special clauses that we do not have. There are some behaviors you can plan to find cheap car hire in Menorca.

Watch the extras, bonuses and penalties

Logically, the first thing you should review with your car rental company in Menorca are the conditions of the rental contract, the penalties and the insurance included in it. If you have any doubts, it is crucial that you ask and clarify beforehand, in order to compare your options well. We like transparency and you can find all the conditions in the menu conditions section

In addition to the initial contract and the essential elements when hiring a rental car, you may need to hire some additional service during your trip, so make sure in advance if this has any costs associated with it, as it is a common mistake and an oversight that They could take advantage on occasion.

Another interesting question is to think about insuring an additional driver, in addition to the main one, or making use of a child seat or booster, are the typical added things that can be an extra cost that you did not have originally contemplated. This is another advantage of hiring rental services in advance since you can assess it before arriving.

The fine print of rental agreements

Added to the details of the extras and the link of the rental contract that will be offered by the company, there are other small aspects that people do not usually notice and that with a certain emphasis on them you can avoid possible disappointments or surprises in the Final account, that something so small does not spoil your holidays in Menorca.

Roadside assistance, for example, which in the best cases is offered 24 hours a day, in some companies is only free during office hours, so if you have a breakdown at night or at a time that is really habitual For people who are enjoying a pleasure trip in addition to the disorder that this implies, you will have to pay a rather important bonus that you surely did not have.

There are other relevant issues to get a cheap car rental in Menorca that you should look at in the contract and they are: the deposit, which is sometimes excessive and you can spend weeks with the money withheld in your account; and cancellation fees, which you may incur if you do not cancel the reservation in advance.

The details that will make you save

There are aspects that at the moment do not seem important but can mean savings in the total amount of renting a vehicle in Menorca and that you should take into account at first. One of them is the car pick-up and delivery hours, as there are companies with very strict hours and it is not difficult for them to claim financial penalties due to any delay that you did not expect.

The ideal way to find a cheap rental car is to look for a company that offers 24-hour assistance in all aspects and has flexible delivery facilities without penalties. Most of them have a branch at the airport itself to facilitate the logistics of your trip, so you can also take this point into account to find a cheap rental in every way.